Why Us

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At the heart of our success in a dynamic market is the strategy of putting our customers first. We take every interaction as a unique opportunity to create value for the client. We, therefore, seek to understand the depths of the client’s requirements. We go beyond the norm in the provision of data and research solutions.

By doing this, we ensure that we do not just deliver a service, but a complete solution that helps the customer meet the need. This strategy has endeared us to our clients and has ensured that we continuously exceed even the most demanding of our customers’ expectations.

  • We place our efficient technical and human capital at your disposal. Our team consists of experts including university instructors in various fields and development professionals in the areas of economy, politics, business, and social sciences. We also own a fully equipped research centre with accumulated data and sample frames available on our database.
  • We have handled a number of intelligence data for our clients and other companies as well, with our data undergoing extensive quality assurance testing for validity and reliability.
  • Our data comes from different sources including a team of primary source researchers who update millions of data on a daily basis.
  • We carry out our operations with high levels of professionalism and ethics, giving our clients the peace of mind they require from the integrity, dedication and honesty with which we operate in.
  • We add value to our client functions, businesses and projects, placing at their disposal the valued services of our highly trained and experienced team of professionals to ensure that our services meet their need.
  • We see our customers as partners in our success, and so we do our best to ensure that we do not just deliver a service, but help the customers attain their overall purpose.
  • Our staff is efficient in speaking, reading and writing different languages such as Somali, which is the native language, Arabic and English, with a few speaking Italian. This gives us the convenience necessary to work with local communities.

So, what is your most demanding request? Let us help you make smart and well-informed decisions