About Us

Data and Research Solutions (DARS) is a statistical research company established by experts in development, statistics and social science research. We are registered in Hargeisa, Garowe, Mogadishu and Nairobi – Kenya. We offer a big-picture approach to research, analysis of critical information, and delivery of accurate and reliable results, enabling you to make smart, fast and well-informed decisions. With our in-depth experience and expertise, we help clients transform insights into a more competitive advantage.

We provide the best data analysis services to help our clients make sense of the ever-growing formats and sources of data which largely impact organizational success. Over time we have worked with numerous clients on various projects. In the process, we have discovered the existence of data sources and data collection techniques that are both cost and time efficient. We understand the caveats of the data sources, how they may impact our analyses and how they may be mitigated. This is what gives us an edge over all other firms.

Among many others, we help clients in the following major scenarios:

  1. A social, economic or political problem that needs to be solved but the client is not sure which data sources are needed.
  2. The client already knows what data sources to use but needs the perspective from another point of view. 
  3. The client has in-house information and requires improvement on the quality of information by cleaning up and analysing the data.
  4. Generalised Market Research