Our services

As part of our wide range of data analysis and research services, we offer support right from collating important information through to analysis, synthesis and the final report writing. Our services include:

Monitoring & Evaluation

DARS has its own designed, developed, tested and approved monitoring and evaluation tool designed on a four-stage foundation approach.

Social Research

DARS boasts of personnel with immense experience and expertise in all areas of quantitative, qualitative and immersions.

Market and Industry research

Through the expert application of statistical, analytical and applied science techniques, our experienced team provides in-depth industry, market and sector reports.


DARS also takes part in opinion polling surveys in Somalia, with regard to social, political and economic issues affecting citizens.

Media monitoring

We also take part in media monitoring services to help find out the social views of the customers on the services and ways of correcting them.

Reporting and analytics

We provide detailed reports in the most suitable or required format, which is well-designed and helps the client accelerate time to make a decision and uncover opportunities.